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Nordby sogn - Samsø herred - Holbæk amt
Judy Hansen Lokalhist. bøgerI am in America (Utah) and do not understand Danish. I am going to attempt to write a history of my Great Grandmother Bodil Johanna Knudsen Tolder, daughter of Anders Knudsen Tolder born 1850. I am trying to understand the culture in Nordby at that time. I notice that they seemed to attach a last surname to the entries in the parish church records instead of using patronomics. Can anyone tell me why? Tolder and Molboe seem to be the surname attached to my family in that time period.
Family folklore says Johanne´s mother was a midwive. Can anyone tell me if there are biographies of Norby residents written in the 1800´s.
23. august 2009

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