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Tiset sogn - Ning herred - Århus amt
Paula SøgerPlease excuse my writing in English. I can understand replies in Danish, but do not know the grammar well enough to write in Danish. My great great grandfather worked for a man named Andreas Dal, on a farm named Dalsgaard, somewhere near Tiset, in the years from about 1817-1863. I cannot find Andreas Dal in the census, or a mention of a Dalsgaard until 1890. Can anyone give me any information about Dalsgaard? For example, I´d like to know where it was, and if it still exists, and what the farm is or was like. Thank you. 16. juni 2006
Sevel sogn - Ginding herred - Ringkøbing amt
Paula SøgerPeder Smed af Søegaard, and his wife Kirsten Jepsdatter 28. april 2005
(not my own site)
28. april 2005
Fovsing sogn - Hjerm herred - Ringkøbing amt
Paula DiverseKirkehuus/Brødremeningheden 28. april 2005
Ølby sogn - Hjerm herred - Ringkøbing amt
Paula DiverseNils Frandsen Dahl, died 6 Nov 1822, buried Christiansfeld 10 Nov 1822. Born in Ølbye in Jutland July 22, 1749. I found this record yesterday while look at burial records for Christiansfeld, and thought that I would post it here in case anyone´s interested in him. There is a long paragraph about him in the burials, but I cannot read the old German. 29. april 2005
Bøvling sogn - Skodborg herred - Ringkøbing amt
Paula Jeg forsker i sognetInterested in a family which lived at Klitsgaard during the late 1700s and early 1800s. My
gggrandfather Niels Sørensen was born at Klitsgaard 26 Sept 1803, and died there 6 Mar 1868.
His wife was Kirstene Marie Laursdatter.
28. april 2005
Tørring sogn - Skodborg herred - Ringkøbing amt
Paula SøgerPlease excuse the English.I can read some Danish, but cannot write well enough. I am interested in finding other people researching Laurs Pedersen Søegaard, and his wife Ane Povlsdatter. They lived at Ballebyhuus around 1840 and they died there in 1845-1850. I´m also interestd in finding out if Ballebyhuus still exists. I can see Balleby on the map at 16. april 2007

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